Static Process Equipment

Heat Exchanger

With state-of-the-art machining resources, a skilled workforce and optimally streamlined operations, heat-exchangers have always been our core product. We offer a wide range of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, with our forte being high pressure and high/exotic metallurgy exchangers.

Our range of heat exchangers includes Sulphur Condensers, Bayonet Tube exchangers, Catalyst Coolers, Transfer Line Exchangers, Evaporators, High Pressure Feed Water Heaters, Surface Condensers, Waste Heat Exchangers, Multi-Tube Hairpin Exchangers, RG Boilers, etc.


Our collection of high pressure, high temperature and high metallurgy reactors are a great fit for oil and gas refineries, as well as the petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical industries across the globe.

Pressure Vessel

We are very well equipped to supply a wide range of pressure vessels for varied operations in various units of oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizers and chemical industries. Our offering includes cladded vessels, vessels with high thicknesses and high pressure as well as pressure vessels in special metallurgies.

We are also approved by most gas purification technology licensors for manufacturing critical equipment like Pressure Swing Adsorbers and Temperature Swing Adsorbers (PSA & TSA).

Column & Tower

We also offer various columns and towers for the energy sector. Our range of columns and towers includes packed columns as well as tray towers.