Technology Products

We, Sudhir Brothers are proud to be associated with Desmet Ballestra India Pvt Ltd for the fabrication of their proprietary design crystallizers, maturators, solvent extractors and desolventizer toasters.
We fabricate these equipment under stringent quality assurance system of Desmet Ballestra group, and also under third party inspection for the Desmet Ballestra projects worldwide.

Crystallizer and Maturators : These are vertical cylindrical atmospheric vessels, with internal coils and central agitator. These proprietary design vessels are used in dewaxing section of edible oil refineries. The edible oil is passed through these vessels and is subjected to controlled cooling by the glycol water or chilled water flowing through the coils. This leads to formation of crystals (crystallization) and their subsequent growth( maturation ) of the high melting components i.e. waxes from the edible oils. The crystallized waxes are later separated in the dewaxing section to yield clear and transparent oil. The fabrication challenges in these vessels are the huge volume , approx. 80 m3 with substantial length of approx. 20mtralong with condemnatory & precise agitator assembly with peripheral coil assembly.


Solvent Extractor: These proprietary design equipment consist of horizontal sheet metal casing, of rectangular cross section, which encloses a complex conveying system. These equipment, are used in solvent extraction of edible oilseeds. The edible oil seeds are first cleaned and then “prepared” into flakes or collects form by a series of upstream thermal and mechanical operations. These flakes or collets of edible oil seeds are conveyed through the solvent extractor, during which they are subjected to a multistage extraction with solvent i.e. hexane. In this process, most of the oil in the oil seed is extracted and separated along with hexane. The fabrication challenges in these equipment are huge sections ( 2mtr X2mtr ) and large length (20mtr)combined with condemnatory specification along with precise dimensional tolerances in fabrication as well as in the machining and assembly of the components of the internal conveyor system.

Desolventizer -Toaster : These are vertical cylindrical vessels with multiple compartments and central agitator. Each compartment consists of a “double bottom “jacket for steam heating, and facility to transfer material to the compartment below under level control. Some compartments also have special arrangements to pass open steam. These proprietary design vessels are used in solvent extraction of edible oilseeds. The mixture of meal ( i.e. edible oil seed after preparation and extraction ) and hexane is conveyed to the top compartment and is progressively conveyed through the compartments during which the meal is subjected to controlled heating by open and jacket steam to ensure that all the hexane in the meal is evaporated ( desolventized ). In this process, the meal is also “toasted” i.e. it is made more suitable for digestion as animal feed for animals. The fabrication challenges in these equipment’s arehuge diameter ( upto 5.4m ) and height ( upto20mtr ) with weight (upto 100 tons ).Critical assembly, welding and testing requirements of double bottom and jackets with accurate machining and assembly of the agitator parts are the core area of the equipment.